Get to know Chinese wedding traditions: 0. Introduction

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In this series of posts I am going to talk about what would happen on a Chinese wedding day, I would like to introduce you some of the Chinese wedding rituals, the typical wedding components and the reasons behind it. There are a lot of activities on the wedding day, typically, the activities will happen in 3 places: the bride’s place, the groom’s place and the reception/hotel/restaurant. Please follow me to discover some Chinese weddings!

In the old days, until the generation of my grand parents, most probably the marriage is arranged by parents, the couple might only see each other the first time on the wedding day. Of course nowadays this has changed completely, nevertheless, I think it is interesting to walk through a traditional Chinese wedding and tell the difference between Chinese wedding and western wedding.

Before the wedding day, the below steps are usually followed:
nacai (納采) – formal proposal
wenming (問名) – giving of the eight characters of prospective bride to the groom’s side
naji (納吉) – placement of the eight characters at the ancestral altar to confirm compatibility
nazheng (納徵) – sending of betrothal gifts to the bride and return gifts to the prospective groom
qingqi (請期) – selection of an auspicious wedding date
qinying (親迎) – wedding ceremony

I will write about some interesting traditions about wedding ceremony, more posts will come up with specific topics:
1. Wedding decorations
2. Gate crash
3. Tea ceremony
4. Wedding outfit and transportation
5. Formal ceremony – Bai tang
6. Bridal Chamber
7. Chinese way of wedding proposal
8. Pre-wedding photo shooting

Below is a summary video of my sister’s wedding in 2013:


Chinese website 优酷:

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