Chinese wedding traditions: 10. Our wedding lunch menu

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Depending on the regions in China, the lunch/dinner menus are different, the venue we reserved provides 3 kinds of wedding lunch menus(10 persons/table), the one we chose is displayed above. The first column is a Chinese idiom represeting luck, happiness or long last marriage, the second column is the actual menu which is also tranlated below.

The menu contains the following dishes:
凉菜 – Cold dishes:

吉祥如意 – 特色烧鸡 – Chiken cooked in local way
称心如意 – 卤肉拼盘 – Marinated meat combo
携手一生 – 徽州酱蹄 – Pork leg with sauce ‘a la maison’
牛气冲天 – 特色牛肉 – Specialty beef
浓情蜜意 – 蜜汁金枣 – Chinese dates with honey(vegi)
五谷丰登 – 丰收蘸酱 – Vegitable combo (vegi)
鸿运当头 – 葱油海蜇头 – Jelly fish with spring onion and oil sauce
花团锦簇 – 醋椒木耳 – Chinese mushroom with spicy and sour sauce (vegi)

热菜 – Warm dishes:
玉龙呈祥 – 澳洲大龙虾 – Lobsters
山盟海誓 – 冰岛红石斑 – Rudds
飞黄腾达 – 虫草炖母鸡 – Slow cooked hen
团团圆圆 – 四喜圆子 – Four happy meatballs
独占鳌头 – 大甲鱼烧肉 – Soft-shelled turtle cooked with meat
东床快婿 – 红烧大排 – Ribs
招财进宝 – 风味咸猪蹄 – Salty flavor Trotter(pork leg)
包罗万象 – 牛肉火锅 – Beef cooked in hotpot
天长地久 – 香辣肉串 – Spicy meat string
锦上添花 – 金瓜雪糯 – Steamed pumpkin with rice (vegi)
大展宏图 – 香脆烤鸭 – Crispy roasted duck
蒸蒸日上 – 花蟹蒸蛋 – Steamed crab with eggs
甜甜蜜蜜 – 八宝甜汤 – Sweet soup with 8 treasures (vegi)
春色满园 – 时蔬一道 – Seasoned vegitables (vegi)
五彩缤纷 – 水果一道 – fruit to finish (vegi)

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