Chinese wedding traditions: 11. Our wedding program 2 – 婚宴The lunch ceremony

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Step # 步骤 Name 标题 Details 细节 Culture 文化寓意

1 双方父母荣登华堂The entrance of the parents 双方父母都双双上台Both parents enter the stage

2 烧香Burn joss sticks 双方父母会烧香祭祖The parents will burn joss sticks to memorize the ancestors. 结婚之前都会有烧香祭祖的仪式。Usually before a Chinese wedding, the family will perform some rituals to memorize the dead.
3 新郎荣登华堂The entrance of the groom 新郎官会笑呵呵地入场The entrance of the groom

4 新娘入场 The entrance of the bride

 新郎会去大厅门口接新娘,递上同心结The groom will walk towards the bride and hand her a ‘red knot’
The knot is called “true love knot”, it means the couple share one heart and make one decision from now on.
5 跨火盆, 跨马鞍,射箭
Go over the fire, the saddle(from horse) and shoot an arrow
The groom will guide the bride to go over some obstacles. 从此红红火火, 平平安安,称心如意 It is a wish for leading a life which is prosperous, safe and satisfying.
6 三拜
Bait tang – Three bows

Three koutou: to heavens and earth, to parents and to each other Bai tang is the western “yes, I do” ceremony.
7 掀起红盖头 Lifting the veil

一挑露红唇,二挑露眉, 三挑露脸
The lifting has three steps:
First unveil the lips – the couple should support each other like lips and teeth, then the eye brow – be happy like the dancing eyebrows, then the whole.

8 改口茶The tea ceremony
The tea ceremony is also included in this part
9 父母讲话
The wishes of the parents

10 结发夫妻
The hair 夫妻双方为对方剪掉一点头发
The groom and bride use scissors to cut each other’s hair This symbolizes that the couple stay with each other as the first(and last) ever married one.
11 交杯酒
Toast to each other

12 换衣服

13 敬酒
Toast to the guests

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