Chinese wedding traditions: 2. Gate crash

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Gate crash, also called door knocking game is my favorite part in a Chinese wedding, it is challenging, fun and unforgettable! Early in the morning of the wedding day, the groom and his best men will come to the bride’s place to pick her up. Well, picking her up is definitely not a 5 minutes job! In order to test the groom and make it unforgettably difficult, the brides mates prepare a lot of challenges before they open the door so that the groom can see the bride. On my sister’s wedding I enjoyed it so much because the guys would have to do all the things we asked, it was just so funny!

Typically the modern challenges include:

a. Bribe the brides mates with red bag
Red bag, also called red packet, is a red bag with a certain amount of money, it is very popular in China in all kinds of occasions such as new year, birthday, wedding gift money, and here the gate crash challenge money. Nowadays, due to life digitization, even on mobile app, you can send virtual red bags(with some credit) to other people. I will write about innovation of we chat app in the future.

b. Sing a song to express your love

c. Do some physical movements
Mostly, the groom and his best men will be asked to do 30 push ups or so.

d. Eat some disgusting stuff
The brides mate would prepare some wired stuff and ask the groom and his men group to eat, the food is normally good, just look wired.

e. Answer questions
The groom has to answer some questions such as “what is the ID number of the bride”, or “when is the first time you kissed the bride” and so on..

Some funny videos:

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  1. Dear,
    I really want share with you what we did on last Sunday morning. It was so hilarious. Gonna share with you some pictures. 😀

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