Chinese wedding traditions: 9. Wedding agency

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My wedding preparation is a bit special and complex since my fiance and I both live in Belgium while the wedding is in China. Luckily we got lots of help from my parents in law and the wedding agency (must have in China!).
Half a year ago we came back to set the date, reserved the venue and the wedding agency, aferwards, it is a matter of regular communication with the agency.

A wedding agency company provides a team dedicated to your wedding, they are responsible for drafting the wedding proposal and process, decorating the venue and make sure the client’s idea is integrated in the proposal. On the wedding day, the team consists of: a wedding host, 1 professional photographer, 2 video cameramen, and a makeup artist. They cover a whole range of services for the wedding:

1. The wedding theme
They are professional in providing wedding with all kinds of themes, traditional Chinese one, modern/western one, church… When we approached them, the first question they asked was “What is the theme in your mind? “, our wedding is a very very traditional one.

2. The wedding outfit
They provide already outfits for the bride, bridesmaid, the groom, bestmen and the parents that can be freely rented on the wedding day, we chose to buy our own on the Chinese website.

3. The wedding decoration

Two weeks before our wedding(we were still in Belgium), they sent two pictures about the decoration of the venue and ask us to choose one, one day before, we just need to visit the place and fix some details.

4. The transportation
According to my previous post, we know that on a Chinese wedding, the groom will come to pick up the bride from her parents. Our powerful wedding agency helped us to arrange the horse for my fiance and Chinese sedan for myself on that day. Alternatively, you can also ask them to arrange fancy cars to transport.

5. The makeup artist
We returned to China one week before our wedding to fix some details, I am already invited to go to have a makeup trial with the makeup artist in order to define the makeup and hair style. After 3 hours, we finally had the outcome.

On the wedding day itself, she will follow me the whole day on the wedding day to make sure my makeup is OK, what a service!

6. The host
The host will be the one to introduce the couple on the lunch ceremony, he will also inroduce lots of stories behind our little rituals on the stage, this makes it very complex to translate to English 🙁 Some hosts also do some performance like singing a song during the lunch.

7. The DJ
The DJ is also part of the agency team, not for party, but some background music during the ceremony.

10. The return gift
To thank people for attending the wedding, usually Chinese wedding couple give a well packed candy box. The wedding agency also provides possibilities to design the candy box.

Our return gift is ready!!

Now you might be wondering what do I do for my own wedding? Really not much, I just need to validate all the details, occupy with the invitees and and enjoy myself 🙂

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