The biggest focus on this blog is to spread the hidden Chinese culture and I try my best to explain the reasons behind it, if you have any specific topic, don’t hesitate to let me know! (

In this page you can find all my blogs regarding Chinese culture and how does it influence us at daily life.
Please find the table of contents below:

Chinese language for dummies:
1. The logic of the characters
2. The simplicity of the grammar
3. Chinese Pinyin
4. Lost in Chinese translation

Chinese wedding traditions:
0. Introduction
1. Wedding decorations
2. Gate crash
3. Tea ceremony
4. Chinese wedding outfit and Chinese sedan
5. Formal ceremony – Bai tang(拜堂)
6. Bridal chamber rituals
7. Wedding Proposal
8. Pre-wedding photo shooting(Behind the scenes)
9. Chinese wedding agency
10. Our wedding lunch menu
11. Our wedding program 1: Fetch the bride
12. Our wedding program 2: The lunch ceremony

A story about Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

Traditional Chinese Medicine

You know you are a Chinese girl who lives abroad when every time in China…

In a blink of eye – The booming of Chinese high speed train

Are Hong Kong & Macau Countries?

Chinese Valentine’s day!

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