You know you are a Chinese girl who lives abroad when every time in China…

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You know you are a Chinese girl who lives abroad when each time you visit China, you do the following things:

1. Go to hair dresser with your best friend(We all tend to get curly hair!)

Sihan in Chengdu before+ after
Sihan in Chengdu before + after
Lucy and Sam before after
Lucy and Sam before + after
Me and my friend before after
Me and my friend before + after

2. Spend a few euro to get a manicure just because you could never afford it in Belgium


3. Look for places to get coffee every day, and regret not bring some coffee powder home


4. Meet your friends even though you could only spend time for a few hours




5. You bring a pair of worn high heels to China so that people can fix the heel for 1 euro instead of 8 euro in Belgium


6. You have loads of fun going to food market to do groceries for cooking and you saw with your eyes how a fish was killed, cleaned and chopped before the vendor hand it to you



7. Get really stressed when going to public toilet
Remind yourself 100 times to bring some toilet paper before going out

8. Get annoyed about cars honking all the time


9. Whenever friends want to go to KFC, MacDonald, Di-cos, you frown


10. You need to switch your brain to Chinese IT system: Facebook -> Wechat, Youtube -> YouKu, Google -> Baidu…
把你脑中整个IT系统统统换成中国,facebook – 微信,youtube – 优酷, 谷歌- 百度



11. Your Belgian friends have to download what’s-app because that is the only way to reach you

12. You carry 2 telephones with you(one with only Chinese number, and apps) and sometimes get confused
你随身带两个手机,一个中国号码和中国app, 一个比利时的号码, 有时候自己的搞糊涂了


13. You travel around China and publish your location on Wechat so that your friends can propose to meet you

14. You love Chinese food, but after a while you would rather cook yourself for the families


15. You go to eat hotpot, you enjoy the food so much and you cry all the time(too spicy)



16. You ditch your partner and share the bed with you sister or mother, because you want to share some heart to heart talk until 3 am


17. You say all the time “every time I come back, so mush has changed!”


18. You ask yourself why you cannot get a taxi on the street any more, then your friends told you “You are out! We all order taxi on the phone, the taxi divers are always in mission..”
你问自己为什么在街上都打不到车了, 原来大家都用滴滴打车! 出租车司机随时都有任务在身!



19. It is a battle to pay for the bill(for dinner) because everyone in China wants to pay!


20. You get fat!


21. You get cold because of the weather and air quality


22. You blow your nose in public, then feels awkward.

23. You literally get lost.
你在路上走着走着 就走丢了。

If you are like me, do you do any of the things above? Which one do you think is the most uncommon one? Let me know!

Some photos are from the internet.

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  1. I think you still miss one interesting thing… Shopping online today and receive it in 1 or 2 days with very good delivery service. Most of the case, you do not need to pay for the delivery. I heard from friends in US or UK about the terrible shipping service. Here in China, the courier will call you with your shopping item. They can leave your parcel at an agreed secret place next to your door if there is no pick-up box in your housing estate. Yeah, normally, we have pick-up boxes next to our house where the courier may store your parcel box and you can pick it up with phone msg password. Sometimes you may receive some cute and funny msg from those guys with your parcel.
    But in US or UK, those shipping guys did some extraordinary actions.

      1. One more topic for you… going out only with your cellphone, find your way, instant location, take a photo, etc. and the most convenient thing is to pay everything with Alipay or Wechat… ok only in large cities like Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Hangzhou…

        Hmm, I am thinking of what kind of readers of your articles. Are you attracting the foreigners to visit China? Or you are actually summarize the experience for your own? Or you just note down for fun?

        1. Hey you, the readers would be the ones who are interested in Chinese culture or culture in general. This post is just to demonstrate some I interesting facts about Chinese people who live abroad and encounter some counter culture shock in China. I’m sure I’m not the only one . 🙂

  2. Hi Lin,
    Here comes a suggestion for you… you make a contents list where we can check your articles in one page, cuz just now I wanna see what you’ve posted and start from the most attractive one of the rest but I need to swipe all the way down to find your next page, passing by those I’ve read already.

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