Chinese fast food – 中式快餐

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When we talk about fast food in Europe, we think of McDonald, KFC, Quick, Burger King, Kebab…

Somehow the fast food more or less equals to junk food in this sense. However, if you are in China and in a hurry to something but really want to have a quick bite, there are so many options! I will start introducing the food existing commonly in China to the regional ones.

1. Fried rice

Fried rice is usually made of cooked rice being stir fried in a WOK together with other ingredients(almost everything), typically smoked bacon, eggs, and soy beans sprouts. I also make fried rice myself if I have left over rice.

There are some famous fried rice which you can order in a restaurant, but in general, it goes with everything such as eggs, meat, vegis …

Yangzhou fried rice (扬州炒饭)

Shrimps and eggs fried rice虾仁蛋炒饭

2.Fried noodles
The same way to be cooked as fried rice, but less common in China, it is somehow rather more popular in Europe.

3. Noodle soup
It is the most popular quick lunch or dinner in China and you can make it in so many kind of ways!
It is very easy to make it except for the soup, usually the restaurant makes chicken soup or beef soup that they prepare in a big quantity, but if you are at home, you can also use the bouillon cubes.
Then you need to make the sauce, typically it contains the red chili oil, soy sauce, fresh garlic, spring onions and vinegar(optional), plus some vegetable of choice.

4. The cross bridge rice noodles

A specialty from Yunnan province but now you can find it everywhere in China, not only the food is delicious, but also the eating process is quite enjoyable.

When it is served, the soup, the noodles and other ingredients are separate, you put them yourself in the soup bowl and eventually make your own style.

When it is served

Your DYIed rice noodles

5. Rice noodles from Mianyang

People from my region generally eat really really spicy, so we eat the spicy rice noodles as breakfast! (also lunch and dinner)

6. Chinese Bolognese / spicy pork noodles
Instead of preparing the soup, the effort is in the spicy pork sauce.

7. Traditional dumplings
You can prepare dumplings by steaming, boiling or frying, depending on the regions in China, people eat differently.

8. Soup dumplings
Dumplings with meat and soup inside will blow your mind if you haven’t tried yet! But be careful not to burn your lips 🙂

Soup dumplings

10. Liang fen and Liang pi
Chinese rarely eat cold food, nor drink cold water.
However, 2 cold things in China that is so popular than nobody resists, they are Liang fen, liang pi and ice cream! 🙂
Perfect snack or quick lunch for summer, and the best comes from the street!
Liang fen or liang pi are both made of peas or sweet potato, only differentiate in shapes.

Liang pi

Liang pi

11. Chinese hamburger
Typically from Xi’an, the dough is made crispy and the meat inside are cut into small pieces and cooked.

12. Lanzhou beef noodles
If you go to China, you will find it everywhere! A noodles shop with a brand chain called “Lanzhou beef noodes”, you will not miss it because usually the make fresh noodles from the Pasta using hands, they usually have someone do it in front of the shop.

Quote from an old professor in Leuven: “If you ever go to China, don’t forget to try 1 bowl of 1 euro noodle where you can swim in it”

The most common dish? Tomato with eggs, Probably everyone’s first dish ever! It is so popular in China that each region even has its own version, for instance, from my region it is salty, however, from Shanghai, it is sweet.

Those are only the ones I tried, they are all fast, delicious and health. And there are so much more!

All the photos are from the internet.

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